3DEXPERIENCE Platform: A Single Platform for Design, Analysis, Simulation, Manufacturing and Project Management.

In today’s business world companies are facing more pressure on productivity. They can find evidence of complexity in the objects and processes.

Below is a list of topics which create complexity and most of the product design and development professionals can relate to.

  • Limited collaboration among isolated, multi-discipline users
  • Non-value added tasks reduces time for innovation (30% according to a survey)
  • Too much time and effort to find, access and share data
  • Disconnected requirements phase with design/engineering process
  • Costly errors due to working in disconnected silos
  • Application of security rules for designers accessing data
  • Inability to view all relevant information among different users

 3DExperience Platform by Dassault Systemes is developed to reduce complexity in work processes.

It is a data and model based business platform to:

  • enhance integration between engineering disciplines
  • reduce number of engineering changes and
  • provide a single platform for design, analysis, simulation, manufacturing and project management.

With the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and ENOVIA your collaboration is more effective helping to fostering innovation which results in higher product sales.

Productivity improves by finding and reusing valuable IP,  identifying and resolving issues more efficiently, thereby reducing development time.

You eliminate errors in your bill of materials, avoiding unnecessary development costs and delays.

You can improve your decision making by understanding the who, what and how impact of design changes, leading to higher quality.

And by connecting tasks, people, and deliverables  your cycle time is reduced, resulting in an earlier breakeven and higher profits.

 Please let us know if you would like to know how 3DExperience Platform can be valuable for your company. We would be happy to provide industry references and applications.

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