3DEXPERIENCE’s Value Proposition in Your Company’s Product Life-Cycle

In our previous post, we talked about 3DEXPERIENCE’s value proposition. In your company’s product lifecycle, 3DEXPERIENCE Platform can especially contribute in following areas:

CAD/Document Management

  • CAD Management & Reuse
  • Concurrent Design
  • Design Change Management
  • Design Lifecycle Management

Engineering BOM Management

  • Global Engineering Management
  • Variant Management
  • Product Spec Management
  • Configuration Management

Enterprise BOM Management & Collaborative Business Processes

  • Digital Mockup
  • Program and Project Management
  • Materials Compliance
  • Traceable Requirements Management
  • Supplier Quality Management
  • Global Manufacturing Management
  • Program and Contract Management
  • Product Configuration
  • IP Protection

3DEXPERIENCE Platform’s intelligence allows automatic update of eBOM, with no manual effort or file exchanges, when a designer makes a change to the product structure.

When the Engineer updates the eBOM, that change is propagated to the standard product structure, allowing the designer to make revisions as needed.

3DEXPERIENCE manages all product-related data and information, including CAD data, through a single enterprise view. Securing all product data in one location provides a single source of truth for the enterprise.

SOLIDWORKS/CAD models and drawings are integrated directly into the desktop file system. Users can simply save their files to their desktop, much like they would in a non-managed environment. ENOVIA PLM software keeps track of which files are changed or out-of-date with the central server. Everyone in the organization is able to share and view SOLIDWORKS/CAD models in a single platform.

Functions, teams and locations are connected to drive collaborative innovation. Search capabilities enable you to uncover new information and data for improved designs.

With personalized dashboards you can collect, view and access your assigned tasks, issues, priorities and related CAD data.

You can create business dashboards to gain greater insight and analysis on industry, company, programs, or projects to make more informed and better decisions.

Real-time assessment of project status is possible with deliverables-based project management and invisible governance, whereby an update to a CAD part or related document is automatically reflected in the project dashboard.


Please let us know if you would like to know how 3DEXPERIENCE Platform can be valuable for your company. We would be happy to provide industry specific references and applications.

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