8 Key Ways Realistic Simulation Accelerates Innovation for the Automotive Industry


Automotive manufacturers face a variety of challenges today including increased pace of vehicle electrification, futuristic model designs, everlasting durability and environmental efficiency. Dassault Systèmes SIMULIA Applications help you get ahead in the game with realistic simulation and optimizing applications that enable users to reduce the time and costs associated with evaluating and improving product performance, reliability and safety.


Here are 8 Key Ways SIMULIA Accelerates Innovation in Modern Vehicle Design Process:

1) Drive design improvements with Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations
2) Evaluate vehicle noise and vibration in response to dynamic loading scenarios
3) Analyze powertrain performance using Abaqus Technology
4) Understand performance with fluid-structure interaction
5) Evaluate passive safety systems during impact scenarios
6) Analyze vehicle crash worthiness with explicit solver technology and high-performance visualization
7) Improve sound quality for driver and passengers using acoustics modeling and simulation
8) Advance battery and electric motor design by use of multi-physics simulation


Dassault Systèmes SIMULIA Applications, icluding Abaqus, fe-safe, Isight, and Tosca enable users to leverage physics-based simulation and high performance computing to explore and improve real-world behavior of products.

As a Value Solutions Platinum Partner of Dassault Systèmes, our highly experienced team at VIAS is committed to provide training and consulting services to our clients. Please let us know if you would like to know how SIMULIA can be valuable for your company. We can be contacted at .

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Watch this video by Dassault Systèmes to learn how you can accelerate innovation with Realistic Simulation:

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