Additive Manufacturing + Simulation = Efficiency


Additive manufacturing (AM) – also referred to as 3D printing – is a method of manufacturing that facilitates the building of parts through the addition of materials one layer at a time using a computerized three-dimensional (3D) solid model. It has the potential to be the harbinger of next industrial revolution. According to a study by Lux Research Inc., the AM industry is expected to grow to $20 bn. by the year 2025.

Designing optimized customized parts that would otherwise be impossible to manufacture, lower material and energy usage, and possibility of manufacturing parts anywhere are some of the many advantages of AM. Today there is no industry which is not taking a closing look at AM technology.

As with any evolving technology, AM comes with a certain number of challenges such as change in material properties, cracking and failure, and distortion. Simulations can help us overcome these challenges and improve the reliability of AM so that we can design parts such that they print right the first time.

Tosca structure-Tosca Structure provides advanced capabilities for optimization with nonlinear analysis and fatigue as well as a specific non-parametric morphing approach. Tosca also enables users to introduce lattices into their structures as well as size those lattices to create fully functional parts.


Isight-  Isight helps us study the effect of manufacturing process parameters using which we can optimize residual stresses and alter material behavior to meet the in-service conditions of the part.

fe-safe – fe-safe®’s deep integration with Abaqus enables fatigue life evaluation for additively manufactured components as the material data is developed in research.

As a Value Solutions Platinum Partner of Dassault Systems, our highly experienced team at VIAS is committed to provide training and consulting services to our clients and help you find solutions to some of those challenges. Please reach out to us and we would be happy to provide industry specific references and applications.

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