CATIA Roles for Electrical & Fluids Engineering

CATIA University continues its series of webinars on subjects
of customer interest.
Download now the On-Demand class to learn more about CATIA roles to optimize Wire Harness Electrical Engineering: Systems Schematics Designer, Electrical 3D Systems Designer and Electrical 3D & Manufacturing Engineer. The webinar will be led by two experts from Dassault Systèmes: Pascal Fontanie, CATIA Electrical & Fluidic Senior Industry Process Consultant and Zhen Yang, Senior Technical Sales Consultant.

The webinar will include an end-to-end demo of the CATIA roles.

CATIA Electrical/Fluids Engineering Roles

The various CATIA roles for electrical and fluids engineering deliver solutions for the challenges faced by engineers and product
designers creating electrical wiring and cabling systems and fluid systems including piping, tubing, and HVAC. Whether they are in transportation, mobility, aerospace, defense or industrial equipment manufacturing, engineers and designers need the tools to cost-effectively and quickly design and collaborate on complex electrical and fluid product development.

Wire harnesses, cable systems and electrical components are only getting more complex – consider all-electric automobiles or electric planes – and engineers and designers need a comprehensive, end-to-end 3D design platform.

Specifically, engineers and product designers require:

  • An intuitive user experience for diagrams, physical design,
    and manufacturing experience
  • Integrated systems engineering lifecycle management
    processes to facilitate automation and full traceability
  • A solution that reduces errors, increases product quality
    and mitigates risks and associated costs
  • The means to collaborate quickly on complex projects


CATIA provides this and more.

CATIA Electrical Roles

The webinar will focus on three CATIA roles: Systems Schematics Designer,
Electrical 3D Systems Designer and Electrical 3D & Manufacturing Engineer.

The Systems Schematics Designer

The Systems Schematics Designer gives engineers and product
designers a complete view of the 2D specifications needed to create
a physical design and promotes the analysis of connectivity
and the quality of the schematic design. With it engineers and
designers create discipline-specific intelligent schematics.
Engineers can set business intelligence rules and company specific
standards to ensure synchronization with the 3D design.
Error detection is also improved.

Electrical 3D Systems Designer

The Electrical 3D Systems Designer improves product quality and consistency by synchronizing electrical schematics to the 3D design. Engineers can create electrical 3D harness bundles and cableways accurately and quickly and obtain their exact diameters and lengths. Collaboration is optimized and designers and engineers can share a single referential using the V6 architecture components and collaboration tools.

Electrical 3D & Manufacturing Engineer

The Electrical 3D & Manufacturing Engineer role in CATIA gives users
the ability to optimize the physical design of wire harnesses and cable systems in context of the
complete product and prepare high quality formboard, scaled drawings and manufacturing
documentation quickly.

Using the Electrical 3D & Manufacturing Engineer role, engineers and product designers can:

  • Synchronize electrical schematic to 3D design to optimize the harness routing
  • Route 3D wires and cables to obtain exact bundle diameters and wire/cable lengths
  • Generate automatic annotated scaled drawings and needed manufacturing documentation
  • Easily synchronize changes to reflect modifications in the 3D design to the manufacturing documents.