CATIA V6 Fasteners/Automated Manufacturing Processes

Vias3D blog summarizes the recent Vias3D CATIA University webinar about Fasteners and Automated Manufacturing Processes.

Fasteners are an integral part of the product development process across almost all industries. From nuts and bolts to welds and rivets, the design and production of fasteners require new ways of connected engineering and structural analysis for manufacturers to compete in a challenging market.
Watch the Vias3D CATIA University webinar Fasteners and Automated Manufacturing Processes. The webinar focuses on workflow optimization for fastener creation, how to improve flexible fastener installation, and ways to reuse fastener simulation data.
Using CATIA V6 in Fastener Design and Management
3DEXPERIENCE CATIA V6 offers end-to-end connected engineering solutions for fastener definition and management, simulation and manufacturing via two roles: Body Fastener Designer and Structural Analysis Engineer.
These two roles within CATIA deliver significant benefits for designers and engineers in complex product development.
• Body Fastener Designer – allows an efficient, scalable fastener design that users can bundle and use more than once across complex projects. Create fastener projects from concepts to detailed design to simulation and manufacturing processes.
• Structural Analysis Engineer – portrays accurate simulations of statics, dynamics, vibration, thermal, and fatigue. Create multiple structural analyses, conduct transient thermal and sequential analysis, and design modeling and meshing with Fatigue Simulation durability tests.

The webinar focuses on three types of fastening families:
• Spot Single Fastener – a weld, rivet or bolt that clinches parts together
• Spot Assembly Fastener – an assembly of bolts, nuts or rivets; use wire frame geomentry to create the skeleton with a set of points to define the fastener
• Bead Fastener – use various associative geometries and various fastener processes
3DEXPERIENCE CATIA V6 gives engineers and designers powerful tools to define the skeleton and 3D part, select the set of points, choosing from previously defined characteristics and display the key vector that defines the position of the fastener. Users select the fastener, stack or bundle of fasteners from the catalogue and position them on the assembly following established rules. The positioning rules might include, for example, minimum or maximum distances between fasteners. Using the solution, engineers then can prepare reports as needed with all fastener data included in the 3D model.
Apps for Fastener Workflows
The 3DEXPERIENCE best practice workflow involves various apps:
• Fastener apps to create a template for a flexible fastener and adapt it to stacking; users define the fastener objects with the position driven by the skeleton/wireframe geometry, define rules, set the key vector, position the specific fasteners
• Interference apps to show the simulation of the direct usage of fasteners/3D parts for clash analysis
• SIMULIA apps to show the direct usage of fasteners for FEM analysis (parts meshing and the meshing connection)
• DELMIA apps to show direct usage of fasteners for assembly planning and the manufactured part
Using the CATIA roles for fastener design and development yields a variety of benefits.
Engineers can create an efficient, scalable fastener design that can be bundled. They can use the data over a wide range of complex programs. Collaboration is expanded.
The solution allows for a unique “concept to detailed design” to “simulation and manufacturing” process.
It supports key functions: concurrent engineering, lifecycle and change management and downstream processes of simulation and manufacturing.
The solution enforces company standards, rules and best practices.
Vias3D applies digital technology to enable manufacturing and engineering organizations to:
• Collaborate to foster improved communication and innovation
• Apply process discipline to efficiently manage product development and change
• Simulate product performance and ensure quality
To learn more about CATIA V6 and its options for fastener design and development, contact us today.