Complimentary Training: Introduction to Fatigue Analysis Using fe-safe on October 24th, 2018!

Introduction to Fatigue Analysis using fe-safe."
During this training, we will:
  • look at the importance of using sophisticated fatigue software tools to save time, money and materials and ensure the accuracy of results.
  • examine the unique benefits and capabilities of fe-safe, the speed and accuracy of the software.
  • walk through the features of the fe-safe GUI, and follow an analysis from importing the FEA model, choosing an appropriate material and applying loads to exporting and viewing the fatigue results back in the FEA.
  • go through briefly about fe-safe/Verity: unique calculation of the fatigue life of welded joints.


(Light refreshments will be provided)
Who should attend:
 VIAS is a Dassault Systemes partner providing software solutions, training and FEA/CFD based consulting services. We have a strong background in numerical simulation techniques and a deep technical understanding in engineering problem solving. We would be happy to discuss your engineering challenges and provide solutions using simulation.
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