Don’t Miss the Global 3DEXPERIENCE Modeling & Simulation Virtual Conference 2020

Register and join us November 17th and 18th as our technical experts give two powerful presentations;

Power of 3DEXPERIENCE Design and Simulation Roles for Integrity Management and Additive Manufacturing for Industrial Facilities

Presented by our own: 

Glenn Larson, CATIA Senior Sales Engineer, Syed M. Jafri, PhD, PE, Senior Simulation Consultant and Arindam Chakraborty, PhD, PE, CTO


Design of Dish Antenna Under Extreme Wind Event – A Coupled Flow-Structural Approach using XFlow and Abaqus

Presented by VIAS’:

Murthy Lakshmiraju, PhD – CFD Director, Srikanth Srigiriraju, PhD – FEA Director, Syed Jafri, PhD, PE – Sr. FEA Consultant, Satish Bonthu, Technical Leader – CFD

Adapting to new situations is part of life; businesses evolve over time and if they don’t adapt, they cannot long succeed. The same can be said for any environment – we must adapt to succeed. Maybe something worked before but not anymore. Take this year for example: 2020. It took everyone by surprise catapulting everyone out of their comfort zone and forcing us to face changes and challenges. We have addressed and overcome them as individuals and as enterprises thanks to our adaptability and will to learn whatever we needed to accomplish success in strange times.

During this COVID-19 related hiatus, enterprises continue to rely on digital transformation for their business.

Sales and economic activities must go on from inside of our homes everywhere in the world. Therefore, we are very happy to invite you to the Global 3DEXPERIENCE Modeling & Simulation Virtual Conference 2020, an event that happens once a year in different parts of the world– and this year is available completely free just by registering here.

This high-tech global conference will inspire users to design and innovate the next generation of products by offering learning opportunities through user presentations on industry applications, product and technology updates. This Global Virtual Conference will be held on November 17-18, 2020 on the Dassault Systèmes online site with presentations of a variety of companies and sponsors about innovation, inspiration and industry transformation.

By registering today, you will have access to both days of the event and access to exclusive live conferences plus additional on-demand content.

We know you can’t come to us, so we’re bringing it all to you with just one click.

Register now!


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