ENOVIA: Project Management Enhanced


In today’s fast paced consumer driven environment, products need to be designed and delivered in a timely yet highly efficient manner. ENOVIA, powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, enables you to plan your definition of success. With a broad portfolio of technical and business applications, ENOVIA enables stakeholders across the enterprise to contribute to sustainable innovation.

As a Project Manager, ENOVIA helps you with your three most critical tasks:

  • Manage Schedule
  • Align Resources
  • Mitigate Risk

The ENOVIA Project Manager role on 3DEXPERIENCE platform allows you to get real time project information collected automatically, saving you from collecting data from every team member, so that you can focus on true project management activities.

A Built-in Project Dashboard allows you to:

  • View Project Data
  • Track Tasks, Issues and Risks
  • View & Verify Deliverables
  • See Potential Project Changes

A Personalized Dashboard allows you to:

  • Track Assigned Tasks
  • View Priorities and due dates
  • Provide Deliverable Status
  • Access your Work Directly
  • Track Your Own Tasks
  • Access Project Data
  • Add Documents to a Project



With ENOVIA Project Manager Role on 3DEXPERIENCE, you eliminate non-value added tasks so you have more time to be innovative and ensure that projects are delivered on time and under budget!

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