Can You Design an Enhanced Medical Device Using Realistic Simulation?


To be successful today, medical device companies continually need to develop products that are safe, easy to use, and at the right price, while complying with extensive government regulations.

Using realistic simulation allows Life Sciences industry to accelerate the overall innovation process, reducing development costs, and improving patient safety and product quality. Realistic simulation improves product integrity by allowing developers to: calibrate complex material properties, automate simulation workflows, substitute prototypes with simulation, all while being compliant with regulations.

Furthermore, using physiological models of the human body throughout the digital design and testing process to see the device’s actual behavior inside the body provides unprecedented power to arrive at the optimal design.

Here are the 5 Key SIMULIA Solution Benefits for Medical Device Companies:

  • Reduced device development time and costs
  • Improved confidence in device reliability
  • Accelerated progress towards virtual clinical trials
  • Integrate a company’s engineering and best practices into re-usable, deployable processes
  • Capture device performance insights previously only gathered in field operation



One example where realistic simulation can be highly effective is surgical equipment. Designing surgical equipment has complex challenges like acute efficiency and accuracy. Surgical instruments must be able to accurately manipulate, isolate, view, cut, cauterize and remove tissue through small incisions. Keeping these complexities in mind, the Abaqus FEA product suite from SIMULIA supports efficient surgical equipment design, manufacturing, assembly and usage.


SIMULIA Solution Capabilities for Surgical Equipment include:

  • Complete support for product manufacturing and assembly simulation
  • Integrated Abaqus/Standard and Abaqus/Explicit analysis products
  • Multiphysics capability including piezoelectric structural interaction


SIMULIA’s solutions provide a framework for medical device development teams to integrate the tools they use into re-usable, deployable processes. Furthermore, capturing these processes in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform can help accelerate the product innovation lifecycle by providing the traceability organizations needed when making critical business decisions.

If you are interested in finding out more about SIMULIA for Life Sciences, contact us today at . Follow us on LinkedIn for company updates.


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