Packaging Design Challenges and Solutions

The challenges facing the packaging industry are many, some exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and others a normal fact of life for the industry. Packagers need ways to create packaging designs and to share them collaboratively for a rapidly shifting consumer market.
We’ll be discussing these challenges and the solutions offered by Dassault Systèmes CATIA at our CATIA University webinar on January 27, 2022, Packaging Design and Analysis. The webinar will focus on the DS roles of Structural Package Designer and Product and Packaging Analysis Engineer.

At the webinar we’ll describe how CATIA delivers the means for engineers and designers to:

• Create realistic package designs with the Structural Package Designer role
• Gain dynamic control over package design for optimization
• Use the same data model as the design part parameters from material calibration through mechanical scenario creation

Traditional Packaging Design Takes Too Long
It’s true – traditional packaging design takes too long and is problematic without a fully featured 3D CAD design software solution like Dassault Systemes CATIA. The Structural Packaging Design features offer the means for engineers and designers to rapidly translate their concepts into attractive, sustainable and practical 3D package designs. It offers integration between package styling and the actual mechanical design shape. Among its many functions, Structural Packaging Design gives engineers and designers a process for meeting technical specifications and responding to production constraints. It fosters collaboration and version control while reducing errors and saves decision making time and effort.

Designers and Engineers Need Tools to Speed Time to Market
Designers and engineers are always looking for ways to increase time to market for their package designs. Using simulation tools within the Product and Packaging Analysis Engineer role, they gain ways to:
• Create package designs in simulation to review how the package design will act and react throughout its lifecycle.
• Attract consumer interest.
• Meet consumer expectations.
• Cut down on development lead time and associated costs
• Improve quality
• Identify problems early enough in the process to respond and resolve them.
• Collect and share simulation IP for improved decision-making

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