Simulating Low Frequency Electromagnetics Problems

Join us on our June 4 webinar.

SIMULIA OPERA is a finite element analysis software suite focused on the design of electric motors, generators, actuators, transformers, sensors, quenching and electromechanical devices. OPERA includes dedicated 2D and 3D pre- and post-processing environments for problem definition and results analysis. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) gives access to features that have been specifically tailored for electromagnetics and multi-physics design. Regularly performed actions can be programmed into parameterized macro-files.

CaptureOpera is widely used by the scientific community for designing magnets for use in particle accelerators, ion-beam devices, MRI/NMR, and a wide variety of other magnetic devices. Mitigation of electric and magnetic field signatures is an important part of the design process for a naval vessel. Opera has been widely used for many years as a simulation tool for both un-degaussed and degaussed signature assessment, showing high levels of accuracy in validation exercises and flexibility in optimizing positions of degaussing coils.

Dynamic Electromagnetic Module can be used to calculate time varying electromagnetic fields and eddy current flow in Electromagnetic devices and systems. Electromagnetic Motional Module computes time varying fields and eddy currents in devices with rotating or linear movement causing re-meshing during solution

In this webinar range of application that will be covered includes:

  • electric motors and generators
  • medical devices
  • magnetic signature of naval vessel
  • scientific experiment magnets
  • Industrial equipment

The latest developments available in the area of low-frequency electromagnetic simulation will be presented and discussed in the context of a multi-physics approach.

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