Sustainability in Packaging

Both consumers and industry regulators are challenging consumer packaged goods manufacturers to create more sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging that doesn’t deplete natural resources and exists with a minimal environment footprint. Sustainability in packaging is a major focus in the CPG industry.
We’re starting to see consumer goods manufacturers and retailers committing to reshaping their packaging systems, with or without regulatory pressure, often in response to consumer demand. For example, consumers are horrified by photos of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch between Hawaii and California as documented by the Ocean Cleanup organization.
According to a recent article from McKinsey on the drive toward sustainability, packaged goods manufacturers and retailers are acting to improve packaging sustainability in three ways:
• Stiving for full recyclability and a higher degree of recycled content in packaging
• Reducing total plastics usage
• Adopting innovation and change in the production and use of packaging

Technology Solutions for Sustainability
Dassault Systèmes Director, Business Transformation, EuroNorth, Jonathan Bailey, was interviewed for an article in Inside Packaging, titled “Close the Loop: How Industry 4.0 is Aiding Sustainable Material Development.” He summarizes the issue:
“Today’s consumer has greater access to information and is increasingly environmentally conscious. Therefore, when purchasing products, consumers are more likely to consider where packaging materials come from and if they can be disposed of in a sustainable way…. This poses a new challenge for CPG organizations who need to find a way to retain the familiar and ‘loved identities’ of their established branded products while reducing the environmental impact of their packaging.”
Jonathan describes how solutions from Dassault Systèmes deliver the means for CPG packagers to achieve authentic end-to-end sustainability, from sourcing to the post-consumption experience. Digitizing the complex packaging supply chain of materials suppliers, converters, printers, co-packers and retailers is a critical step. Adopting DS technology solutions delivers a virtual environment, collaborative tools and solutions that enable CPG packaging manufacturers to ‘close the loop’ for sustainable packaging.
Manufacturers optimize a 3D designing solution that allows industrial customers to reduce the number of physical prototypes and realize substantial savings in product development cycle times.

Sustainable Manufacturing
Sustainable manufacturing solutions from Dassault Systèmes help CPG manufacturers make their production process more sustainable and reduce their impact on the environment. Forward-looking manufacturers leverage its technologies to reduce waste, cut energy use and create products through economically sound and socially responsible production processes that can minimize the negative environmental impact, conserve energy and encourage recycling and reuse.

Eco-Friendly Packaging for CPG
DS defines the four pillars of eco-friendly packaging:
• Optimize packaging design
• Innovate sustainable packaging materials
• Digitalize machine health for optimal production
• Keep the value network sustainable

VIAS3D CATIA University Webinar: Packaging Design and Analysis

We’ll be discussing the challenges faced by CPG packagers and the solutions offered by Dassault Systèmes CATIA at our CATIA University webinar on January 27, 2022, Packaging Design and Analysis. The webinar will focus on the DS roles of Structural Package Designer and Product and Packaging Analysis Engineer.

At the webinar we’ll describe how CATIA delivers the means for engineers and designers to:

• Create realistic package designs with the Structural Package Designer role
• Gain dynamic control over package design for optimization
• Use the same data model as the design part parameters from material calibration through mechanical scenario creation

Register today to learn more about these two DS roles for improved 3D package design and analysis and how VIAS3D can support your sustainability initiatives.