Transforming the COVID-19 Challenge to an Opportunity

Simulation in engineering has been in practice over many decades. The growth of technology in computer hardware coupled with software development accelerated the adoption of simulation in engineering at a fast pace. Engineering design and research groups the world over have benefitted from the three obvious benefits that simulation brings forth in their product development cycle, i.e. saving: cost, time, and effort.

The current situation of self-isolation, social distancing, and a likely economic slowdown presents a unique challenge to the engineering community to maintain their daily work routine. Moreover, a resource reallocation strategy by management in this economic scenario will only add to this challenge to keep the work of engineering research and design team unobstructed.

But every challenge presents a unique opportunity too if the right steps are taken. What can an engineer/researcher or a supervisor/team leader do to make the best use of this current scenario to keep oneself and the company productive and resourceful? Here are some examples:

  1. Physical tests and experiments need to be moved to a simulation platform to reduce the multiple design iterations when physical collaboration between the team is not feasible. Now is the time to eschew the old habits and adopt new simulation technologies in productivity and innovation.
  2. Collaboration between team members is critical for any engineering design/research organization. In these days of social distancing, collaborating virtually has become a necessity. Dassault Systèmes provides a simulation platform called 3DEXPERIENCE that seamlessly integrates all the software modeling tools and features of various brands like CATIA, SIMULIA (Abaqus and other allied software), SOLIDWORKS, etc. under one umbrella along with its cloud data storage capabilities bridging the vast physical distances within the team.
  3. Any software tool needs training and guidance from experts to pick up skills in using it and make the best use of its capabilities. Be it a beginner, an intermediate user or even an expert user, there is always something new to learn.
  4. Automate simulation tasks and processes to be productive and efficient boosting the morale of your team staying ahead of the competitors in your domain and market. This is the time to implement automation in your workflow with minimum disruption of activities.

VIAS, in partnership with Dassault Systèmes, can be your facilitator in this transformation process – be it consultancy, sales and support or training – we have it all. With a dedicated team of Doctorates and master’s having strong expertise in Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Electromagnetics (EMAG), data analytics and domain knowledge of various engineering streams, we can handle simple to complex workflows. We have strong expertise in dealing with both mitigation and life extension achieved by following the procedures given for fitness-for-service (FFS) in ASME FFS-1/API-579 within an integrity or risk reliability management framework.

Collaborating with you at every step keeping your needs in fore view, we can provide the best possible solution to make your ride through this current uncertain scenario smooth as well as rewarding.

Srikanth Srigiriraju, Ph.D. has received his doctorate degree in Solid Mechanics and Masters in Applied Mathematics from Brown University. He is a Mechanical Engineer with over 13 years of experience in customer-support and consultancy in using Abaqus for both big and small companies from diverse industries: automotive, aerospace, heavy-machinery, biomedical, consumer goods & packaging etc. He has expertise in various structural and thermal procedures of Abaqus and its features. Srikanth has regularly given training at various customer sites. Besides Abaqus, he is experienced in using Dymola, CATIA, Solidworks, and 3DEXPERIENCE. He is also a Dassault Certified Training Instructor.

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