Using Automated Modeling Templates in CATIA

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Automated modeling templates can be used and reused to create a wide range of CATIA models. These templates allow you to quickly and easily create a Detailed Model (LOD400,500) from a Simple Design Model (LOD200,300).

The following functionalities are part of a broader concept entitled the ‘Smart Configurator’ which encompasses a diverse range of configuration capabilities.

What is a Smart Configurator? The Smart Configurator allows a diverse range of stakeholders in modular projects to optimize their outputs by providing users with not only an intelligent, parametric model, but a model which contains all options and configurations possible for a specific product line. Furthermore, the Smart Configurator allows users to generate the following outputs:

  1. Smart production drawings automatically updated when modifications occur
  2. MSRP Price & Base Cost calculation automatically generated based on configuration/options selections
  3. Accurate BOM automatically generated and aligned with production drawings
  4. High-Definition Renderings

Product configurations and options consolidated in a 150% Smart Model.
How can we derive engineering results from the design model? With automated modeling templates, users identify inputs, automate the process and generate outputs.
For example:
Inputs: Users define the input list and select bodies from the Simple Design Model (LOD200,300).

Automation: The system shows an instance of the item based on the 3D automated templates. Users can build in custom business rules to govern the model and the template.

Outputs: The system generates a Bill of Material (BOM) for raw materials/parts. Users can export the results in XLM or XLS format. For example, the automation can output data about the volume, surface area and quantities of raw materials/parts required for the design. It shows a full automation of fabrication drawings and updates the BOM for raw materials/parts

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