Webinar: Accelerate Innovation through Simulation for the Life Sciences Industry

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The Life Sciences industry presents tough challenges with a great demand for new ideas and innovative solutions. These solutions undergo a rigorous testing process within a highly regulated environment that extends the time from conceptual stage to go-to-market.

Moreover, with current social distancing disruptions in the normal work environment, experimental testing has become increasingly difficult if not unfeasible. Additionally, the heightened demand and immediate need for innovative solutions in the Life Sciences industry compounds its existing challenges.

Simulation with its multiphysics offerings in structural, fluid and electromagnetic domains comes to the rescue by reducing the burden of an extensive experimental testing process by maintaining a fidelity to the physical in-vivo environment, accuracy and faster turnaround time in the design process.

Simulation has it all:

  • Structural: tissue, muscular-skeleton, implants, medical devices and equipment, etc.
  • Electromagnetic: complex field distribution inside the body, functionality of MRI coils and microwave imaging devices, implants and sensors, remote patient monitoring, tumor treatment such as RF ablation and hyperthermia, etc.
  • Fluid: hemolysis, blood flow through valves and tubes, blood pump designs, microfluidics flows, etc.

A paradigm shift is in the making transforming the life sciences industry as evident from programs advocated by the FDA.

Key takeaways from the webinar:

  • Benefits of Virtual Device Development Environment
  • Necessity of Optimization in Life Science Industry
  • Preclinical Virtual Trials


Srikanth SrigirirajuSrikanth Srigiriraju, PhD, is a mechanical Engineer with over 10 years of experience in customer-support and consultancy in using Abaqus for both big and small companies from diverse industries: automotive, aerospace, heavy-machinery, biomedical, consumer goods & packaging etc. He has expertise in various structural and thermal procedures of Abaqus and its features with specific focus on connectors, Abaqus-Dymola co-simulation, co-simulation between different Abaqus products, Discrete Element Methods, contact & constraints. He is experienced in using Dymola, CATIA, Solidworks and 3DEXPERIENCE. He graduated from Brown University with a Doctorate in Solid Mechanics and Masters in Applied Mathematics.

Murthy-Pic (002)Murthy Lakshmiraju, Ph.D. has over 12 years of advanced use and experience in CFD to solve real life engineering problems for numerous industries, including appliances, energy, oil and gas, marine and chemical processing. He graduated with master’s and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering with CFD background from Tennessee Tech, USA. He has experience in different flow physics, including advanced turbulence modeling, multiphase flow, heat transfer, Dynamic Fluid Body Interaction (DFBI), Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI), Chimera mesh, Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT) and reacting flows with combustion and emission modeling.

Panka haPankaj Jha, Senior EMAG Solution Consultant VIAS (Panelist)

He has 5 years of experience in modelling and simulation of different types of Electromagnetics problems. He has worked in areas of Antenna, Antenna Array, Filter Design, Microwave and RF circuits from GHz to THz, Bio-Electromagnetics and EMI/EMC. He provides technical support and engineering services to customers and helps drive growth of VIAS CST Solutions. He worked with Dassault Systèmes India as Solution Consultant and was responsible for Aerospace & Defense and High-Tech industry technical portfolios for CST. He is a graduate from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT-D), where he studied Radio Frequency Design and Technology.

Kip SpeckKip Speck, Director of PLM at VIAS

Kip has over 20 years of experience in the PLM/PDM fields. He has worked in a variety of positions from EPDM Developer to Director of Technical Applications as well as serving many companies as a PLM consultant.  Among his areas of expertise he has become a Certified EPDM Professional, a Certified PDM Works Support Technician, and a Certified EPDM Administrator.


 Arindam ChakrabortyArindam Chakraborty, Ph.D., PE (TX, CA) is a mechanical engineer with more than 10 years of strong academic and consulting experience in solid mechanics and design, non-linear FEA, fatigue and fracture mechanics, reliability analysis, composite structures in Oil & Gas, Nuclear, and Structural Design. He also has a strong background in project management, business development, strategy development, and technology development, with a strong focus on public safety regulations (BSEE, NRC). Dr. Chakraborty has strong technical knowledge and working skills in CAE techniques and widely known structural analysis software (ANSYS/ABAQUS).  He also has experience in CFD using Fluent to model flow in reactor cooling systems. He has experience in automating complex engineering problems using codes in FORTRAN/C/C#/VBA/Java/Python including ABAQUS automation scripts. Dr. Chakraborty has more than twenty conference and journal publications and is closely involved with ASME Codes & Standards committee and API task groups.


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