The Consumer Goods and Retail industry has a wide market of products including sports equipment, home appliances, office supplies, tools, etc. Consumer goods are renovated at a faster rate with a shorter design cycle time since a major challenge to manufacturers the extremely short period in market. The primary objective of manufacturers is to produce innovative goods at lower manufacturing costs..

VIAS provides integrated, innovative, and cost-effective engineering and software solutions to develop the best consumer goods, by identifying potential problems throughout the design phase, in order to launch the products at a reducing time-to-market.

Solutions and Applications

Drop testing of diverse products and fluid-filled containers

Design analysis of consumer appliances such as washers and dryers

Unified modeling and simulation environment

Advanced material modeling and calibration for complex materials, such as paper and film

Multiphysics solutions with interactions between mechanical, thermal and fluid domains

Nonlinear analysis for plastic, rubber and foam

Process automation to capture workflows for deployment to non- FEA users