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by having a world-leading technical group
, Tires that Talk, VIAS3D democratize Design, Engineering & manufacturing , Tires that Talk, VIAS3D , Tires that Talk, VIAS3D , Tires that Talk, VIAS3D , Tires that Talk, VIAS3D , Tires that Talk, VIAS3D
, Tires that Talk, VIAS3D

VIAS has achieved Platinum Partner Status twice in a row in Dassault Systèmes Business Partner Program.

VIAS provides a full portfolio of software solutions and professional services that our customers depend on every day. As a Dassault Systemes Platinum Partner, we specialize in the V5 and 3DEXPERIENCE platform technologies that enable companies like yours to maximize their productivity and decrease time to market. Learn More

Who we are

VIAS provides integrated engineering solutions using virtual design experience and data analytics in a variety of industries. Our objective is to prevent repetitive design-related business interruption and to provide cost effective, quick and safer designs with an experienced team. We can achieve our objective with proven software, data analytics, and virtual and 3D printing hardware technology that can be implemented for each business requirement with an experienced engineering team.

, Tires that Talk, VIAS3D

A multidisciplinary team with experienced consultants.

, Tires that Talk, VIAS3D

Providing integrated solutions with minimal interface problems.

, Tires that Talk, VIAS3D

Providing innovative solutions using a virtual design experience platform.

, Tires that Talk, VIAS3D

Providing cost-effective solutions by reducing overhead and testing costs.


We have deep experience providing virtual product design and development in a multitude of industries. From Aerospace to Transportation, we understand the changing technology, challenges and requirements.


The VIAS team includes designers, engineers, data scientists, and PLM and industrial automation experts in helping clients from ideation stage to in-service maintenance and end-of-life decommissioning. We solve real life design, engineering, and manufacturing challenges through numerical simulations, data analytics, design, automation, and testing.