Sustainability, aesthetics, and compatibility with surrounding environments all come together when we talk about buildings, infrastructure, or overall construction industries. By providing modeling solutions with detailed structural analysis while addressing the issues of HVAC, atmospheric flows, and the protection against environmental electromagnetic effects on the buildings and infrastructures, VIAS can work with clients for ensuring the durability of such structures under severe natural conditions and achieving architectural excellence at the same time.

  • Buildings: Progressive collapse, seismic analysis, connected structures
  • Transmission towers: Structural stress analysis, wind-load induced collapse
  • Bridges, highways: Sophisticated structural analysis for flood and earthquake
  • Geotech: Foundation design, soil behavior, soil-soil and soil-structure interaction
  • Wind Loads: Wind loads on buildings, stadiums, and bridges
  • Water Management: Dam break, sewage flows, rain impact, bridge pillars, flooding
  • Thermal Comfort/Building HVAC: Thermal analysis (ventilation, heating, air-conditioning of commercial and residential buildings)
  • Smoke/Gas/Pollutant Dispersion: Tunnels, underground metro stations, industrial chimneys, urban areas
  • Buildings: Simulation of Shielding, cabling, lightning protection
, Construction, Cities & Territories, VIAS3D
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