In Vias3D, we offer a wide variety of simulation solutions to meet the challenges of high-tech industries focusing on continuously changing user specific design-concepts, shorter product delivery time, and complex manufacturing processes all around the globe. With our outstanding simulation capabilities of advanced material modeling (composite/polymers), shock and moisture sensitivity, progressive fracture/failure, coupled frequency response, signal integrity and power-delivery efficiency analysis, we can help you with your specific high-tech modeling problems.

  • Circuit Boards: Low-cycle fatigue life and fracture mechanics of solder joints, electronic chips, leads, resistors, diodes, capacitors, transistors
  • Semiconductors: Wirebond fatigue failures, stress analysis of bonded joints, thermal analysis of a semiconductor chamber, thermo-mechanical behavior
  • Cell phone and hand-held device: Efficient geometric design and failure analysis, display, device dimension optimization
, High-Tech, VIAS3D
, High-Tech, VIAS3D
  • Thermal Analysis: PCBs, heat-pipes, power electronics, graphics cards, integrated circuits
  • Consumer Electronics: Flow and thermal applications in home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and air-conditioners, laptops
  • Data Center cooling: Cooling of clusters, power electronics, computers, peripherals
  • Acoustics: Cooling fan acoustics, duct acoustics
  • Antenna Engineering: Placement performance, co-site interference RF desensitization, SAR, radome design, thermal simulation
  • EMC/EMI Performance: Circuit simulation, PCB design validation, circuit-EM simulation, cables, connectors, enclosures, switching circuits, emission simulation
  • PCB Performance: Serial high–speed and parallel data links, DC drop, PDN high frequency noise
, High-Tech, VIAS3D
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