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Fe-safe is the technical leader in fatigue analysis software for Finite Element models

Fatigue Solutions

  • Multiaxial strain based fatigue methods
  • Non-metallic materials
  • Metals
  • Elastomers
  • Thermo-mechanical and creep fatigue
  • Structural stress method
  • Welded joints

With fe-safe as an integrated part of the design process, customers have the ability to:

  • Accurately identify fatigue hotspots
  • Optimize designs to use less material
  • Reduce product recalls and warranty costs
  • Validate design and test programs
  • Improve correlation between test and analysis within a single user interface
  • Reduce prototype test timesspeed up analysis times, thereby reducing man-time hours
  • Increase confidence that your product designs pass their test schedules as “right first time”
, Fe-Safe, VIAS3D
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