We provide virtual product design and development experience in a multitude of industries from Aerospace to Transportation to help our clients create disruptive innovations in the new age of experience.

Explore below to find out how we help in these industries:

Aerospace & Defense

With clients experiencing rising customer expectations (including lower costs, tighter deadlines, and increased capabilities) it is more challenging than ever to compete in this industry. Find out how we can help you.

Transportation & Mobility

Explore how collaborative 3D virtual environment is transforming traditional and electric vehicle development cycles from ideation to in-service support.


We help clients accelerate innovation to create better consumer experiences in the Internet of Things age that is evolving into the internet of experiences. Find out more.

Energy & Materials

Create a more sustainable future by rethinking energy and materials innovation in everything from oil & gas, mining, metals, and chemicals to wind energy and solar.

Industrial Equipment

Helping companies digitalize manufacturing to deliver made-to-order innovation in the growing trends of the 4th industrial revolution.

Marine & Offshore

Providing end-to-end continuity from beginning idea to ship in service demands collaborative engineering, simulation, manufacturing, and business processes in a single, collaborative, value creation chain.

Life Sciences

Vias3D can help you develop the next phase of life sciences industry development – virtual twin experiences that are opening new possibilities in healthcare and life sciences at large. Learn more.

Consumer Packaged Goods - Retail

Consumers have always wanted the products they need available yesterday, but in today’s environment they also demand to be part of the process as well as having sustainably sourced packaging. Learn more.

Construction, Cities & Territories

This industry is facing four key challenges: sustainability, resiliency & security; experience-driven design for quality of life; the challenges of urban growth; incorporating data through the entire lifecycle. Learn more.

Home & Lifestyle

Today’s consumer needs to be addressed as an individual not as an entity. Companies need to break through the clutter to address the consumer directly. Learn how 3DEXPERIENCE can help.

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