With the advent of robust and efficient numerical techniques and hardware computing resources, numerical simulation has become more mainstream than ever before. With this advancement, more complex and detailed physics can be included in simulation providing high-fidelity solutions. Optimization, Reliability, and Machine Learning & Data Analytics techniques with a backbone of mathematical rigor are also enhancing the effectiveness of scientific simulation as a virtual testing tool. Vias3D strongly believes in the power of scientific simulation and provides integrated solutions using design and analysis for all industries.

Some key benefits of scientific simulation are:
  • Quantitative Decision-making
  • Quantify, Reduce, and Manage Technical Risks
  • Accelerated Product Development & Design Optimization
  • Reduce Conservatism and Quantify Uncertainties
  • Reduce Warranty Claims by Predicting Future Scenarios
  • Improve System Performances
  • Assess Remaining Life & Extend Design Life
  • Reduce Testing Saving Time and Money
  • Demonstrate Performance in Projects from FEED to Detailed Engineering
  • Support Environmental Safety & Follow Government Regulations
  • Obtain Greater insight and detailed response of a complex system

Vias3D capabilities to perform a variety of physics-based analyses can cover almost all the major simulation needs in all industries.

Linear and nonlinear analysis Conjugate heat transfer analysis Signal and power integrity (SI/PI)
Advanced material modeling Heat transfer and Radiation Cables and connectors
Design optimization Mold flows Vacuum Electronic Devices
Implicit/ explicit analysis and Multibody Dynamics Multiphase flows Lightning strike and environmental electromagnetic effects (E3)
Coupled thermal-structural analysis Reacting flows Generators and motors
Fatigue and fracture Aeroacoustics analysis Radar
Buckling Fluid-structure Interaction Microwave and RF components
Molecular dynamics (MD) and Discrete element method (DEM) Battery thermal management Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
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