With years of experience in handling highly nonlinear problems, coupled thermal-structural analyses, flow problems, multibody simulations pertaining to aerospace and defense applications from subsonic to transonic speed flows and electrical/electronic systems, our simulation team can help in reducing the cost for physical prototyping, shortening the go-to-market times, improving the product design and to meeting the requirements of the aircraft certification process.

  • Aerostructure, Spacecraft and Satellites: Concept analyses and design verification, structural validation at subsystem level (aircraft certification)
  • Composite Structures: Laminate damage, crack propagation, progressive damage modeling, BVID (Barely Visible Impact Damage), optimization of aircraft winglet
  • Ballistic Events: Impact dynamics and blast analysis, bird-strike simulation
  • Aeroengines: High temperature (weld-joint analysis), creep, and wear
  • Landing gear: Vibration, contact, friction failure analysis
  • Aerodynamics: Aerofoils, wing-design, wing-body fairing design, drag prediction, stability and control, aero loads generation, VTOL, UAV
  • Thermal Management: Cabin comfort, ECS inlet design, nozzle and avionics cooling, ventilation, heat exchangers, fan performance, conjugate heat transfer
  • Propulsion: Propellers, nacelle design, inlet of engine design, thrust reverser, nozzle design, jet engines, rocket motors, combustor design
  • Aeroacoustics: Cabin acoustics, noise control (landing gear, wing, cavity, propeller, and fan), jet-screech
  • Fuel Systems: Fuel delivery systems, fuel sloshing, fuel system design, fuel pumps
  • Environmental Control Systems: Engine integration, APU integration, ducting and heat exchangers, ice protection system, fogging and defogging, dust accrual
  • Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI): Aeroelastic prediction, wing flutter, dynamic fluid body interaction
  • Communication & Detection: Antenna/antenna array design, installed performance, co-site interference, radome design, Radar cross-section analysis
  • System Electromagnetic: Lightning-strike protection, HIRF and EMP
  • Components Design: MW&RF components, 2D and 3D filters, tunning/optimization, Multiphysics analysis, RF vacuum breakdown, Ionization breakdown
, Aerospace & Defense, VIAS3D
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