Modeling and simulation industries face a unique challenge for the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) industry as the delivery time is very short and the customer demands change frequently. To ensure production-agility and product sustainability while maintaining profitability, a comprehensive approach towards product development and manufacturing is required. Our simulation specialists have successfully helped in many projects in the CPG domain with their expertise on highly nonlinear analysis, AM technologies, product-life estimation and solving non-Newtonian flow problems.

  • Package performance: Pressurization, package life estimation, drop test, bottle squeezing, sealing, opening/dispensing
  • Bottle & paperboard carton forming analysis: Plastic bottle blow-molding, aluminum bottle forming, metal can forming, glass bottle forming, paperboard carton forming
  • Package processing: Package conveying, cooling and filling
  • Optimization and design improvement: Bottle/container, material replacement, package design alternatives, manufacturing process
, Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail, VIAS3D
  • Food & beverage: Mixing, settling, conveying, chilling
  • Packaging & bottling: Bottle filling, conveying, forming, squeezing
  • Non-Newtonian flows: Viscous product (ketchup, mayonnaise, and toothpaste) squeezing and filling
  • Food & beverage: Induction and microwave heating.
, Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail, VIAS3D
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