Vias3D has been actively supporting its clients for the validation of simulation results with experimental data. A wide range of data validation has been done over the years for a wide variety of industries from life science to structural engineering. At Vias3D, we can also help with managing experimental tests, partnering with our clients at their facilities.

A variety of support for the testing and validation is offered to our clients covering:

  • Material characterization: Material selection (linear, nonlinear), calibration with Isight
  • Testing Protocol Development: Developing testing protocol following international standards and compliance, coordinating test procedures with client
  • Test program management: Manage test programs for polymeric coatings, Corrosion resistant alloys, inhibitors, biomaterials, high-temperature (HT) and high-pressure (HP) testing, etc.
, Testing & Validation, VIAS3D
, Testing & Validation, VIAS3D
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