, True-Load, VIAS3D


True-Load, True-LDE & True-QSE software allows the user to:

  • Interpret dynamic FEA results
  • Iterate designs with complex loads

True-Load software will:

  • Determine optimal gauge placement based on the FEA model
  • Collect strains at these optimal gauge locations
  • Read the strain data into True-Load to calculate load time histories (the measured strain is within 2% at every point in time)
  • Interface to fe-safe® to correlate loading events with FEA based fatigue
, True-Load, VIAS3D


, True-Load, VIAS3D

True-LDE™ is designed to:

  • Make post processing Abaqus LinearDynamic Events intuitive and interactive
  • Leverage the power of linear superposition of modal results
  • Probe the model for responses to user defined excitations
  • Offer powerful tools to create operating deflection shapes and peak value plots


Loading is usually a complex combination of individual loading events. True-QSE© allows the user to:

  • Understand the complex combination of individual loading events (such as multi-DOF laboratory test)
  • Rapidly plot nodal and elemental functions and create full field results in a new ODB
, True-Load, VIAS3D
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