Unique, high fidelity inherently transient Lattice Boltzmann-based physics allows SIMULIA’s PowerFLOW® to perform simulations that accurately predict real-world conditions. Using the PowerFLOW suite, engineers evaluate product performance early in the design process prior to any prototype being built—when the impact of change is most significant for design and budgets.

, PowerFLOW Suite, Vias3D
, PowerFLOW Suite, Vias3D

Key Features

  • High fidelity CFD Solution
  • No volume and boundary layer meshing
  • Automated pre & post processing
  • Highly parallelized and scalable solution
  • Sophisticated physical modeling
  • Coupled simulations
  • Automated, multi-disciplinary simulation-based design

Application Solution

  • Aerodynamics: Aerodynamic efficiency, Vehicle handling, Soiling and water management, panel deformations, load simulations, etc.
  • Aeroacoustics: Greenhouse wind noise, sunroof and window buffeting, Pass-By/Community noise, Underbody wind noise, propulsion noise, etc.
  • Thermal Management: Cooling airflow, Avionics Cooling, Brake cooling, electronics and battery cooling, thermal protection, etc.
  • Climate Control: Cabin comfort, HVAC unit and Distribution System Performance, HVAC System and fan noise, defrost and demist
  • Powertrain: Drivetrain cooling, Exhaust Systems, Cooling Jacket, Engine Block, etc.
, PowerFLOW Suite, Vias3D
, PowerFLOW Suite, Vias3D

PowerFLOW Product Suite

  • PowerDELTA
  • PowerCASE
  • PowerCOOL
  • PowerTHERM
  • PowerVIZ
  • PowerINSIGHT
  • DigitalROCK