How can Global EV Innovators Accelerate Concepts, Validate Performance & Optimize Manufacturing on an Integrated Cloud Platform?

New Electric Vehicle innovators and global OEMs have many challenges in common. Competition has never been greater to converge new EV concepts, support early feasibility, engineer the highest performance and accelerate innovative vehicles to market, all while optimizing costs, quality, and customer experience.

Electro-Mobility Accelerator solutions provide the industry-proven capabilities to germinate new EV vehicle ideas, explore regional options, virtually simulate and validate performance, and ensure flexible and lean manufacturing, all on one secure, powerful platform.

Global industry leaders have relied upon our 3DEXPERIENCE cloud-based applications to capture and assess social media intelligence, analyze market demand, then develop and deliver customer-preferred innovations to market, faster and more efficiently than their global competitors


New customer priorities, and profitable opportunities are flowing at a record pace. For a competitive advantage you must enable your teams to define and track customer experience priorities, from concept ideation to delivery. Electro-Mobility Accelerator 3DEXPERIENCE solutions provide capabilities to create customer requested features, while optimizing re-use and profitability, using a modular portfolio approach. You can also improve productivity with lean, agile governance, and monitor project execution and decision support with real-time analytics.


Social media continues to provide strategic insights to timely customer preferences. But with sizeable investments and precious resources at stake, your team needs a dependable, secure social platform, with digital continuity, to enable collaborative development and traceability, while converging industry trends, to mobility ideas, to 3D concepts. Leverage industry-leading CATIA design & engineering applications to unleash creativity, explore options, and ensure ultimate performance.


Once optimal concepts are targeted, your teams can pursue global collaboration within a unified, virtual environment. Enable validation of concept feasibility earlier, considering business and technical criterion, thanks to conceptual architecture mock-up. Model, simulate and evaluate alternatives from multiple perspectives of cost, performance, and overall user experience. Ensure fulfilment of specifications and optimal quality before proceeding to detailed design. And gain faster, more efficient vehicle iterations between your multiple domain experts, from design, engineering, simulation and analysis, to manufacturing.


As customer and industry requirements become progressively more sophisticated, and demand cycles shorter, design and engineering efficiency and accuracy are critical success factors. Real-time collaboration on a virtual, integrated 3D platform can expedite convergence, and ensure ‘right the first time’ results. ‘Design in Configured Context’ capabilities will also improve part re-use, and enhance traceability. Electro Mobility Accelerator solutions enable advanced management of multi-discipline design and validation, from Body In White, to systems engineering, to additive manufacturing/composites.


Considering industry trends for ‘mass customization’ efficient, agile manufacturing and production can make the difference between profits and losses. Manufacturing flexibility solutions can improve quality, minimize waste, and shorten fabrication and machining processes. A centralized ‘single source of truth’ platform ensures digital continuity, from concept development and testing to final validation and production. Get early validation of manufacturing feasibility for tooling, robotics and assembly processes. Standardize, capitalize and optimize processes across global vehicle programs to beat competitors to market.



Our secure, responsive cloud solutions provide better flexibility, fast deployment, and include maintenance, licensing, and upgrades. Total Cost of Ownership is improved by reducing requirements for computing and storage, as well as facility and resource costs, EMA cloud solutions can empower enterprises of all sizes, and enable rapid sizing and capability deployment.


  • All-in-one collaborative cloud solution to imagine, create, design, simulate & deliver new mobility concepts /services
  • Innovative, multi-domain capabilities (function-based round trip optimization, simulation /validation, electric battery development, composites, additive manufacturing)
  • Virtually define, evaluate and improve overall mobility performance, earlier and throughout the development cycle
  • Integrated governance to improve productivity, reduce development costs and track delivered value to customers

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Kiran S. Bhokare
Sr. CATIA & 3DEXPERIENCE  Solution Engineer

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